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Senin, 10 November 2008

Did you ever feel PANIC?

Did you ever Stuck in The STORM?

A storm is any disturbed state of an astronomical
atmosphere, especially affecting
its surface, and strongly implying
. It may be marked by strong wind, thunder and lightning (a thunderstorm), heavy precipitation, such as ice (ice
), or wind transporting some substance
through the
atmosphere (as in a dust storm, snowstorm, hailstorm, etc).

yesterday, occured Strong Wind in the main street of Gadjah Mada University (UGM). I came from north, and I passed the Boulevard street. It was stranged, every small branch of trees felt down to the street. it's fulfilled the street and distrubed cars and motorcycles. After a few minute, I stoped my motorcycle because the rain droped. Suddenly, came strong wind from my back it looks like push me and shaking my body and my motorcycle.

I panic! and hope that wind is over and don't come again. But I think the situation was uncontrolled, another strong wind came from my right till I can't move, because I saw every stuff was flied, I saw wood, branch, plywood and so on. Even the trees start to collapse.

I just Pray to the God, hope no one stuff flying to me, or maybe The Wind Take me up to the sky. Huf...Thanks God I safed. The strong wind didn't make circle wind but just passing the location.

Anyway how about you? Did you ever feel some Panic or Fear about specific condotion? I will Glad to hear your Story?

(and please correct my word if you found some mistake, ThankU before)

Sabtu, 01 November 2008

Optimizing E-Commerce Sites

Optimizing e-commerce sites is thought to be difficult because the content may be constantly changing. Products go out of stock or they are discontinued by their manufacturers, so product pages may be deleted. This means that pages that were already ranked by the search engines have now disappeared and that new pages will have to wait their turn to be indexed. However, there are some techniques that can be used to successfully optimize e-commerce sites.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are very important when you're trying to get a site ranked well with the search engines. Choose keywords that have too much competition and you're fighting a losing battle. Once you have chosen keywords, apply them to your page titles, Meta description, and page content. Properly optimizing your pages with keywords can help you improve your rankings.

Unique Content

Unique content is a must for any site, but it may be difficult to decide how to use content on an e-commerce site. Your site may currently have many product pages that have very few words of text on them. What you can do is add relevant content to each page to attract the search engine spiders and make the pages more user-friendly. The content can be in the form of articles, product reviews, or user guides. For example, a product page focusing on a diamond bracelet could include an article about choosing a diamond bracelet or caring for a diamond bracelet. This makes your site more useful for readers and it also adds content that can be indexed by the search engines.


Links are very important for good search engine rankings. E-commerce site owners can use linking in several ways. Internal links can point visitors from one page of your site to several others. For example, a product page may have four or five links to similar product pages. E-commerce business owners may also choose to take advantage of one-way linking and two-way linking. One-way linking is when a site links to your site without asking for a link in return. These are the most valuable links in the eyes of the search engines. Two-way linking is when you link to someone else's site and they link to your site in return. All of these types of linking can help the search engine spiders find your pages and help you improve your ranking.

Minggu, 26 Oktober 2008

HOME::Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Internet-Marketing X

Is there a way to get the word out about your business without all the expensive advertising that so many marketers say you have to take part in? The answer is yes and many of these techniques totally blow the paid techniques out of the water.
What would you rather do? Pay $200 on a pay per click campaign that might bring you 500 visitors (if you're lucky) or bring in 1000 visitors to your new website without spending a single dime?
Looks like the answer is pretty obvious unless you don't understand business basics and you simply want to throw money out the window.
You're about to find out two very simple techniques that anyone can use no matter what you're experience. These free techniques have been proven to blow the paid methods out of the water when it comes to generating free website traffic.
Traffic Trading
Most marketers baulk at the idea of having to link to another website because they think that all of their visitors are going to go to their site without making the website owner any money. The truth is that 80% of your visitors are going to leave your website anyway without ever making you any money.
So why not link to someone else and have them link to you? This isn't about link building where you trade links with each other on a link page. This is about putting a link to another website right on the front page of your website for everyone to see?
Why? Because that other high trafficked website is going to do the same thing. You probably did not realize that this is the number one technique use by adult website webmasters did you?
All you need to do is find in the same or similar niche as your website and contact them and ask them to do some type of banner exchange. Most webmasters won't bite because they are afraid of losing traffic but if you explain what was mentioned above you will get a bite and you both will see the power of traffic trading.
Social Bookmarking
Most internet marketers don't know the first thing about social bookmarking or how it can really benefit their business but social bookmarking is a gold mine when it comes to generating free website traffic.
The number one benefit of social bookmarking is link building. As a website owner you need to get high powered links from popular websites and that's exactly what social bookmarking can do for you. Simply setup accounts at the popular social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller and others (do a search on Google for more) and bookmark your websites. Now don't only bookmark your own websites, you also want to be sure to bookmark other high quality websites as well or your account will get shut down for only marking your sites.
The second major benefit of social bookmarking is what is called link baiting. When someone finds a website that has something they really like they bookmark it and if the information is really good then many other people will start to bookmark it which brings more and more visitors to your website and it just starts to have a snowball effect.
These two free traffic generation techniques can be very powerful if you stick with them and don't give up. Free traffic really is that simple.

Email Marketing With Permission

Email marketing is part of a trend known as permission marketing. This essentially means that customers have given their permission to allow the business owner to market to them directly.

Email marketing is a direct pitch that encourages potential customers to take the next step in your cyber relationship. The email encourages them to make a purchase and will likely give several plausible reasons why a purchase may be beneficial and even desirable.

Other permission marketing ideas include free site memberships, ezines and ecourses. Let's take a look at each of these.

Free site membership - This can be online access to information or to interact with like-minded consumers. The consumer will need to view the membership as something worthwhile so you may seek to provide free gifts (a free sample, report or even an ebook) when customers sign up.

Ezines - These are regularly updated and are infused with meaningful and helpful content. This information is to be considered valuable to customers while resisting the urge to pander to the weak-willed.

Ecourses - These should be well-developed information that may read a bit like chapters in an ebook. You can, in fact, work to develop these courses into an ebook for other marketing prospects. The customer should come away from reading these reports or ecourses with the feeling that the inside information they received will either make them money or make them very proficient at using the product they have either purchased or may purchase in the future.

Many times the products sold have multiple uses. Your exploration of those uses in a free report can allow consumers to truly envision the total value of the product they purchased. Too often business owners simply allow consumers to figure it out on their own. A proactive approach using permission marketing can go a long way in establishing brand, instilling trust and motivating the consumer.

Email marketing should only be used with permission. Refuse the idea of blasting individuals who have never given you permission to contact them. This often results in hostility as well as reports of spam abuse.

When any of these permission-marketing strategies are used they should be infused with the belief that the trust between you and the consumer is sacrosanct and any violation of their trust will likely result in a lost customer and an angry advertiser.

What I mean by an "angry advertiser" is that this consumer will have no problem advertising for you, but it will not be advertising you want or need. It will be easy for this individual to recount the real or perceived violations of their trust. When you choose permission marketing you should only submit marketing material to those who have given you permission to do so. Make this a hard and fast policy now and resist the temptation to deviate from this directive.

"Permission" at its very core presents the idea of trust. The consumer presents enough trust to see if you will deliver on a promise where money is not involved. If you can be trusted to manage consumable information you may find that your diligence may result in paid orders from those who learn you can be trusted.

Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

How the Global Marketplace is Attempting to Resolve This Ethical Dilemma

If you look at what's happening in the marketplace, you'll see that even though we desire honesty and plain dealing, we're still not winning the battle of ethics. Take a look at how people in our culture are currently trying to address the problem. They are:

  • Asking Others to take on the Responsibility of Instructing Our Organizations about Ethics "It's about evading punishment. Under US federal guidelines, companies that have ethics programs are eligible for reduced fines if convicted of wrongdoing."
  • Turning a Blind Eye to the Problem, or Insufficiently Reprimanding the Individual for Unacceptable Behavior Another approach is to "treat" ethical offenders when caught. If the environment - the systems and goals - of an organization encourages and rewards unethical behavior, then merely addressing individual employees' actions will not improve the situation.
  • Depending on the Laws of the Municipality, State, or Country to Address the Problem Some companies have given up entirely on trying to decide what's ethical and instead are using what's legal as their standard for decision-making. The result is moral bankruptcy.

Let's apply these "solutions" to the network marketing industry. How do you think these solutions would be received within our global community?
  • Would you really want to hand over to an "unknown" source how your business should be run and how your downline should be treated? I hope your answer is no. If you're unsure of this answer, you may want to think about a career change.

  • How about waiting until someone gets caught, even though you know that they're doing something wrong. Is that the way you would want your business to be run, or to have your downline run their business? Once again, I hope your answer is no.

  • Would you like to rely on the law to manage your business? Since most network marketing businesses represent global opportunities, relying on the law becomes next to impossible, if not reprehensible.

What do I mean by that? The last place a network marketer or the industry of network marketing, wants to leave their destiny is in the hands of any government.

The area of network marketing is the last bastion of free enterprise. It has broken down more walls and opened up more freedom opportunities to people on this globe than any other single business related idea to hit this planet. I implore you to fully understand the area of free enterprise, and once you do, you'll fully understand the power of network marketing.

My next article entitled "Why it is Important as a Network Marketer to Make it Personal"will examine the concept of starting to make changes within the "home office."

See you on the Beaches of the World,

Jumat, 26 September 2008

Your Game is Your Inspiration

Ridiculous, when we see someone who always play video game all the time, non-stop. Video game almost make everyone addicted, especially for children and teenagers. This addiction makes unproductive, low motivation to work, lazy, and so on. Often make our eyes sick, for specific console that use high resolution screen. Even game makes children adopt everything in the game, such as the case happened in Indonesia, when most of children did the Smack Down movement, and caused several their leg and hand broke, when they played with their friends. It's danger game!

The story above tell us that as a gamer, you, yourself, or as a parent have to guide yourself, your children, make a rule to do not play Game uncontrolled. Because it will takes negative effect.

In another hand, why we have to play a game?

Do we-you know that in the game there are stories that we can get, there are ways to do something. In other word, a Game is one of how to communicate something with others, and makes input to the player about something new. A game can educate the player, A game could be the medium to tell important thing, A game may the best way to give a massage, because it delivered with joyful and relax. Even a game may give you an Inspiration to your work or develop your logic, emotion, even language.

And till today the game-maker make better better and better game and as a gamer we still have to choose the right game for us, because your game is your inspiration.

Rabu, 17 September 2008

Serious Is Needed

Business is not as simple as we thought, in this case we talk about side business or second business that we do.

Almost everyone try to get another side business in their life, because the result, salary, of his or her core business isn't give or fulfill their needs. This phenomena force someone to be more creative and smart in searching an opportunity.

Imagine that you are working and only paid about $10 to $20 or Rp100.000 to Rp200.000. What will you get to fulfill your needs, your wife's needs, your children's needs. and else needs. Maybe you just fulfill your primary needs such as eat, drink, clothing. But as a people, as a human that life in this complex life we always not satisfy with our life condition, don't you think it's Nature.

Now, in planning our business, even it is a second business we have to pay attention seriously. Because business is business. first, we need plan to arrange what we want to do and where we want to bring our business to. Second, targeting, we have to make deadline even for our business, so we can do it professional. Third, implementation, is the most important thing of these three keys of business, what would happen if you planned and targeted your business but You Don't Implement it, you don't apply it, and you don't do it.

The idea that we can get is Don't ever underestimate a little think, even it's very simple thing.

So...Hope You Always Success In Your Life

Jumat, 12 September 2008

Mobile Phone

Can you imagine, what kind mobile phhone is this? it's flexible shape and very futuristic.
The technology developed so far, we as the poeple who live today never guess that everything change like today. There is Compact Disc, DVD, Blu-ray disc, MP3 player, and so on. What if we compare to the ten years before. How do we call our friend, how do we comunicate each other if our friend separeted with distance. But today everything is easy and make our life easier.

Kamis, 11 September 2008

Business Trend in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

As we know that business never die, and it will develop everyday, with new business model,strategy, promotion, style, and so on. Currently, there a lot of restaurant, mall, or even a health lab service provide Hotspot for connecting to the internet. Generally, this fenomena indicate that more people in this city have notebook or laptop. And they have intention to bring it everywhere or maybe everytime.

This situation happened because Yogyakarta itself famous with the "Student City". The place that provides the hotspot service try to catch student`s attention and give what they want. So, the students don`t have to go to the Internet (it`s a business that provide internet connection with pay Rp3000 to Rp4000, in Indonesia it called by Warung Internet or Warnet), and get the service free. This facilities attempt to attract the customer to come and get convinience in their business area.

Senin, 08 September 2008

Internet Marketing

Nowadays millions of people are spending most of their time in the internet. People need quick and easy data or information to fulfill their activities in the office, at home, etc. This is a big opportunity for the internet marketer who sells or offers products and services to the people who need it. By using internet people could sell their product such as ebook everywhere. This is a huge business with millions markets all over the world. The internet marketing has changed the way people sale. The internet marketer should think and act globally so their products could be accepted by the markets.

Several advantages of internet marketing are that you could start the business with a small investment, there are lots of customers everywhere, cash payment, work at home, small risk and you can go online for 24 hours.

If you are interested in becoming the internet marketer, the main factor that you should know is how to look for the potential market. You should know which one is the beneficial market for you and therefore you should carry out a market research. Find the right market niche which has great power to buy what products they want.

In general, the potential market for research is everything that related to money, increasing income, health, hobbies, sports, human relation, new technologies, and skill improvement. Use the right keywords that are in accordance with the market niche that you are going to enter. The more you know it, the bigger your chance to be success.

The other important factor of internet marketing is the quality of the idea. Find the right idea for the market niche that you try to enter. A simple idea that was done seriously and presented attractively, could raised your income. Generally, there are so many products from traditional business that you can sell by using the internet marketing. But the most effective products that can be sold are ebook, emagazine, audio, video, software, ecourse, training, graphic design, copy writing, etc. This is the most effective one because you don't need to deliver the products directly to your customers which should takes time. The most important things need are to have the internet access and email address.

After you find the right market niche and idea, create your own domain name accordance to your market target and choose your best hosting. After that create your website or blog and choose the right content Management System (CMS), such as: SMF, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. Then fill in your website or blog catchy and up to date information to attract the visitors to come and buy. If you can't design your website or blog, just let the expert one to handle it for you for the good price.

It's time to sell now. You need traffic for the visitors to come and buy your products. There are many ways to increase the traffic, such as advertising in Google, Yahoo, MSN, submitting articles, participating in social networking site, for example Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. Keep updating your website or blog contents so the visitors will never get bored. Well, what are you waiting for? Time to act. Welcome to the Internet Marketing!

this articel written by Ahmad Suhendro in

Sabtu, 06 September 2008

Comic Not Just For Kid!

Most of people in our environment like reading Comic! but most of them don`t like to read it too? Why? because some of them think that comic just for children, full of picture, just imagination of the author, and doesn`t give any significant benefit for adult!

Hey hey! who say that?! don`t we judge it as we see the picture only, the growth of comic in every country have their own story, and comic is not just picture drawed without words inside. Some comic give lesson for us, some comic develop our imagination, and some comic give can us idea and motivation in our true life.

And don`t say that we don`t like to read comic if we ever watched Batman the Movie, Superman the Movie, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and so on. As we know the characters were from comic itself!

In addition, there are comics that make us doing bad habit or bat attitude, as an adult or a person who know what is the good and the bad, we have to choose what is the best comic to read. Because our attitude created from what we saw before.

Internet Era and How We Keep It

In this internet era, we can find any information that we need. for example, the history of ancient building in China, Persia, or in your own country. untill you search a futuristic building in the world.

Anything and anytime you can find what you are looking for. instant. We have to pride and happy with all these easy around us. Even though there are people who use this tool as a way to stray others. Hope we can keep this tool benefit for our word and our generation.

As the modern generation, positif generation, we have to use the benefit for the better life.

Kamis, 04 September 2008

Futuristic Watch

Today..every single thing almost has complete and multi-funtions. As the picture above. It is a watch!, but with it you can take a potograph, listen to the MP3, watch video, and record your voice. Amazing!

Rabu, 03 September 2008

what Do you think about this it easy to use? weird? futuristic? sophisticated?
Please give it comment if you interested in it!
And Of Course You can comment in English, Bahasa, or Arabic Language
Thank You ;]

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