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Minggu, 26 Oktober 2008

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Is there a way to get the word out about your business without all the expensive advertising that so many marketers say you have to take part in? The answer is yes and many of these techniques totally blow the paid techniques out of the water.
What would you rather do? Pay $200 on a pay per click campaign that might bring you 500 visitors (if you're lucky) or bring in 1000 visitors to your new website without spending a single dime?
Looks like the answer is pretty obvious unless you don't understand business basics and you simply want to throw money out the window.
You're about to find out two very simple techniques that anyone can use no matter what you're experience. These free techniques have been proven to blow the paid methods out of the water when it comes to generating free website traffic.
Traffic Trading
Most marketers baulk at the idea of having to link to another website because they think that all of their visitors are going to go to their site without making the website owner any money. The truth is that 80% of your visitors are going to leave your website anyway without ever making you any money.
So why not link to someone else and have them link to you? This isn't about link building where you trade links with each other on a link page. This is about putting a link to another website right on the front page of your website for everyone to see?
Why? Because that other high trafficked website is going to do the same thing. You probably did not realize that this is the number one technique use by adult website webmasters did you?
All you need to do is find in the same or similar niche as your website and contact them and ask them to do some type of banner exchange. Most webmasters won't bite because they are afraid of losing traffic but if you explain what was mentioned above you will get a bite and you both will see the power of traffic trading.
Social Bookmarking
Most internet marketers don't know the first thing about social bookmarking or how it can really benefit their business but social bookmarking is a gold mine when it comes to generating free website traffic.
The number one benefit of social bookmarking is link building. As a website owner you need to get high powered links from popular websites and that's exactly what social bookmarking can do for you. Simply setup accounts at the popular social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller and others (do a search on Google for more) and bookmark your websites. Now don't only bookmark your own websites, you also want to be sure to bookmark other high quality websites as well or your account will get shut down for only marking your sites.
The second major benefit of social bookmarking is what is called link baiting. When someone finds a website that has something they really like they bookmark it and if the information is really good then many other people will start to bookmark it which brings more and more visitors to your website and it just starts to have a snowball effect.
These two free traffic generation techniques can be very powerful if you stick with them and don't give up. Free traffic really is that simple.

Email Marketing With Permission

Email marketing is part of a trend known as permission marketing. This essentially means that customers have given their permission to allow the business owner to market to them directly.

Email marketing is a direct pitch that encourages potential customers to take the next step in your cyber relationship. The email encourages them to make a purchase and will likely give several plausible reasons why a purchase may be beneficial and even desirable.

Other permission marketing ideas include free site memberships, ezines and ecourses. Let's take a look at each of these.

Free site membership - This can be online access to information or to interact with like-minded consumers. The consumer will need to view the membership as something worthwhile so you may seek to provide free gifts (a free sample, report or even an ebook) when customers sign up.

Ezines - These are regularly updated and are infused with meaningful and helpful content. This information is to be considered valuable to customers while resisting the urge to pander to the weak-willed.

Ecourses - These should be well-developed information that may read a bit like chapters in an ebook. You can, in fact, work to develop these courses into an ebook for other marketing prospects. The customer should come away from reading these reports or ecourses with the feeling that the inside information they received will either make them money or make them very proficient at using the product they have either purchased or may purchase in the future.

Many times the products sold have multiple uses. Your exploration of those uses in a free report can allow consumers to truly envision the total value of the product they purchased. Too often business owners simply allow consumers to figure it out on their own. A proactive approach using permission marketing can go a long way in establishing brand, instilling trust and motivating the consumer.

Email marketing should only be used with permission. Refuse the idea of blasting individuals who have never given you permission to contact them. This often results in hostility as well as reports of spam abuse.

When any of these permission-marketing strategies are used they should be infused with the belief that the trust between you and the consumer is sacrosanct and any violation of their trust will likely result in a lost customer and an angry advertiser.

What I mean by an "angry advertiser" is that this consumer will have no problem advertising for you, but it will not be advertising you want or need. It will be easy for this individual to recount the real or perceived violations of their trust. When you choose permission marketing you should only submit marketing material to those who have given you permission to do so. Make this a hard and fast policy now and resist the temptation to deviate from this directive.

"Permission" at its very core presents the idea of trust. The consumer presents enough trust to see if you will deliver on a promise where money is not involved. If you can be trusted to manage consumable information you may find that your diligence may result in paid orders from those who learn you can be trusted.

Sabtu, 25 Oktober 2008

How the Global Marketplace is Attempting to Resolve This Ethical Dilemma

If you look at what's happening in the marketplace, you'll see that even though we desire honesty and plain dealing, we're still not winning the battle of ethics. Take a look at how people in our culture are currently trying to address the problem. They are:

  • Asking Others to take on the Responsibility of Instructing Our Organizations about Ethics "It's about evading punishment. Under US federal guidelines, companies that have ethics programs are eligible for reduced fines if convicted of wrongdoing."
  • Turning a Blind Eye to the Problem, or Insufficiently Reprimanding the Individual for Unacceptable Behavior Another approach is to "treat" ethical offenders when caught. If the environment - the systems and goals - of an organization encourages and rewards unethical behavior, then merely addressing individual employees' actions will not improve the situation.
  • Depending on the Laws of the Municipality, State, or Country to Address the Problem Some companies have given up entirely on trying to decide what's ethical and instead are using what's legal as their standard for decision-making. The result is moral bankruptcy.

Let's apply these "solutions" to the network marketing industry. How do you think these solutions would be received within our global community?
  • Would you really want to hand over to an "unknown" source how your business should be run and how your downline should be treated? I hope your answer is no. If you're unsure of this answer, you may want to think about a career change.

  • How about waiting until someone gets caught, even though you know that they're doing something wrong. Is that the way you would want your business to be run, or to have your downline run their business? Once again, I hope your answer is no.

  • Would you like to rely on the law to manage your business? Since most network marketing businesses represent global opportunities, relying on the law becomes next to impossible, if not reprehensible.

What do I mean by that? The last place a network marketer or the industry of network marketing, wants to leave their destiny is in the hands of any government.

The area of network marketing is the last bastion of free enterprise. It has broken down more walls and opened up more freedom opportunities to people on this globe than any other single business related idea to hit this planet. I implore you to fully understand the area of free enterprise, and once you do, you'll fully understand the power of network marketing.

My next article entitled "Why it is Important as a Network Marketer to Make it Personal"will examine the concept of starting to make changes within the "home office."

See you on the Beaches of the World,