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Rabu, 11 Februari 2009

How to Be Professional

"The Key to be Success Is Being On Time"

At the first time I heard this sentence, it made me feel shame, because almost all the time I screw my own schedule...

Me, my self, has a plan and scheduled what should I do in every week. I always try to do all the plans on time..but I always "disturbed" with my other activities that unplanned...

Ex. I want to read my new book about 2 hours...but in the middle of time, usually I interested in another object, for example try to watch movie or try to play guitar or try to sleep (because I feel sleepy)..

I think this is just a little case, but it could be affected to the big another case, I worried if it happened in my business plan,,Aaaargh!! this could be disaster!! after I heard that sentence I will do my best in doing on time for every my scheduled planning..

I Hope You could be better than me,, and keep stay focus on your plan and done it to finish.

Happy On Time my friends!

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