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Minggu, 15 Februari 2009

Feel STRESSSSssssss!!!

Sometime I got stress, and it`s annoying to me.

I have a few things to do to neutralize it:

1. Playing music with my own guitar (must be my own guitar, because the feel doesn`t same with
another guitar)
2. Playing video games (primarily, Fighting game)
3. Reading motivation book (I`m reading Financial Revolution now)
4. Cleaning out my own room (usually I just sweep it)
5. Speak bad word (such as: Bajigur!, Basuki!, Pitik!, Tempe Bosok!, Badut!, Dalijo!, Kampret!,
Bodong!, Buaya Darat!, Gembret!, etc)

It was not a hierarchy but I could choose it one or more..

by the way How about You????

1 komentar:

zndhox mengatakan...

another suggest
(you can try it bro hehehe..)
1. going around the city, and it will more interesting if you lost in unknown place (trust me!)
2. go to 21 and find your favorite movie, and it will more pleasure if you wasting your time there with your girlfriend (or, it can be with another girl, but be careful dont let anyone knows it hehehe)
3. eating as much as you can bro, then go sleep. trust me, it will make you enjoy hehehe...
thats all